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Our Story

When you need your intermodal equipment transported, you require a service that is professional, trustworthy, and reputable. At Velocity Smith, we have dedicated ourselves to exemplifying those traits in every aspect of our business model.

Whether we are transporting your shipping containers from the port to the storage warehouse, or performing our industry’s best drayage services, you can trust that your equipment and goods will be cared for in to the utmost degree. Our staff will work professionally and diligently to ensure that each task is handled properly.

After all, the cargo coming in and out of the Oakland port not only supports your business, but it supports countless communities around the country, and we take our duty to ensure that the handling of that cargo is done properly with the utmost sense of professionalism.


Our mission is to handle each container with the care and attention to detail necessary to secure a safe and responsible transport while ensuring that the job is done correctly each and every time. We take this mission seriously and train all of our staff members to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with an expectations-exceeding service and to exceed industry standards in every way possible. We aim to achieve this by consistently maintaining cutting edge equipment, innovative work strategies, and a staff force with the world's finest training.


Our service is driven by three distinct values that allow us to stand out from the rest of the industry and provide an experience unlike any other:

  • Trust: You are leaving your precious intermodal equipment in our care, and we understand how stressful that can be for you. We help ease this tension by promoting a relationship built on well-earned trust. You can trust that we will handle your containers properly and do everything within our power to maintain our customer/service relationship.

  • Quality: You expect quality from our service, and we aim to deliver it. We have only the highest trained staff and most cutting edge equipment to ensure that our services are at the peak of the industry at all times.

  • Professionalism: Our firm values professionalism to a degree often not seen in our industry. Our conduct, mannerisms, and dedication to service are a step above the rest, and you can see the difference when you work alongside us.

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